For your first few classes all you will need is loose clothing suitable for physical activity: a white, long-sleeved sweatshirt or top, jogging pants and trainers are ideal. The Academy holds a small amount of training equipment for new students, but you will need to buy your own protective clothing (as a minimum) and all students are encouraged to adopt the full Academy uniform as soon as possible.

Fencing glove(s)
A good pair of leather fencing gloves, either modern or period. These are often sold separately, so you can start with one glove to protect your sword hand.
Fencing mask
This is the most important piece of safety equipment and it is well worth investing in a good quality mask. The Academy recommends an FIE level 1600N mask.
Fencing jacket
A standard fencing jacket is sufficient under most circumstances. Advanced fencers may prefer additional body and arm protection.

Forearm protection
Leather or synthetic vambraces are a popular form of protection against the sting of those sneaky cuts to the sword arm.
Elbow & Knee pads
Useful protection for heavier weapons and some of the grappling and wrestling techniques. Modern pads for skateboardng or mountain-biking are ideal.
Highly recommended for the boys!
Chest protector
Highly recommended for the girls!

New students should wear a long-sleeved white top and self-coloured (preferably grey) jogging pants and all students are encouraged to adopt the full Academy uniform as soon as possible. Students presenting for their free fencing assessment must wear the full Academy uniform, and free fencers are expected to wear the Academy uniform at all classes and events. The wearing of black is strictly reserved for those who have attained the level of Master-at-Arms.
  • Grey Breeches
  • Cream coloured hose
  • Tartan flashes (Macdonald Modern)
  • White fencing jacket. (additional arm protection advised)
  • Fencing Mask (FIE Level)
  • Fencing gloves (white or grey)